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Correlations between Isonymy Parameters

International Journal of Anthropology
JANUARY–MARCH 1997, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 17-37

Correlations between Isonymy Parameters

C. Scapoli, A. Rodríguez-Larralde, M. Beretta, C. Nesti, A. Lucchetti, I. Barrai

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Several parameters of genetic and anthropological interest are commonly estimated in the analysis of the surnames' distribution in human populations. Among these parameters, the most important for population structure is unbiased Isonymy, equivalent to 4 times the value of Fst, the random component of inbreeding in a group. Fisher's α estimates the wealth of surnames in a group, and Karlin-McGregorv is considered proportional to migration rates. Recently, other parameters like Entropy and Redundance of the surname's distribution were introduced in the analysis and estimated. In the present work, the parameters obtained through isonymy analysis of 759,500 telephone users in 379 Communes of Sicily are correlated with variables such as sample size, population size and density, and number of surnames in the Commune. In Sicily, the parameters or their logarithm are Gammadistributed. It is observed that the number of surnames is strongly correlated with most parameters or with their logarithm, and that it is in turn strongly correlated with sample size.