Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Place names of North Lewis


Author: Ness Historical Society 
Editorial Team with Dr. Rachel Barrowman

Pre order your copy of "Place names of North Lewis" publication now by contacting sales@cenonline.org / phone 810 377 or contact Acair on info@acairbooks.com / phone 703020

The book will be priced at £25.00

Ness Historical Society has created a rich archive of place-names, the information having been provided by over fifty contributors between 1966 and 2018, and this book is the result. The book is separated into all the villages in Ness in order to highlight the cultural and historical importance of place-names and is a record of the names as the people of the area say and spell them. The photographs of contributors inside display the vitality of sharing and culminating knowledge about place-names from Ness to Ballantrushal, in the northwest of the Isle of Lewis.

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