Thursday, December 23, 2021

New NamSor onomastics app!

NamSor is a European company applying digital onomastics to gender and migration studies since 2012. They launched their new website recently, which is easier to use by non-IT people (onomasts, geographers, sociologists, social scientists, statisticians, ...)

If you like our content and would like to support e-onomastics, check-out NamSor services via our affiliate link below.
They've been a long partner of us, cited in many of our blog posts. 
They've supported dozens of large scale studies with the World's top universities (Harvard, INSEAD, Chicago University, ...)

They offer a wide range of name classification services,
- to recognize personal names (anthroponyms) from place names (toponyms) or brand names;
- to infer the most likely gender of a personal name, with a probability estimate;
- to guess the likely country of origin of a name;
- to recognize aspects of 'race'/ethnicity for diversity analytics
and more.
Here is a direct link to the app, 

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