Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2023: ‘Names and Naming’


The conference will be held in person (with limited measures for online papers) at Ertegun House, Oxford, on the 20th and 21st of April, 2023

This call for papers relating to all aspects of the broad topic of ‘names and naming’ in the medieval world. They are welcoming papers in any discipline, be it literary; historical; archaeological; linguistic; interdisciplinary; or anything else. There are no limitations on geographical region or time period, as long as the topic falls within the medieval period. 

Examples of areas of interest may include but are not limited to: 

♦ Naming and shaming 

♦ Authorship; pseudonyms 

♦ Classifications 

♦ Etymology 

♦ Place names 

♦ Historiographical groups 

♦ Ethnonyms 

♦ Insults 

♦ Nicknames 

♦ Seals, identity 

♦ Translation 

♦ Trades 

♦ Lineage 

♦ Genres 

♦ Graffiti; marginalia 

♦ Saints’ names; cults 


Papers should be a maximum of 20 minutes. The organisers intend to provide bursaries to help with travel costs, and they are welcoming applications from graduate students at any university. Please email abstracts of 250 words to by 15th January, 2023.

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