Thursday, September 5, 2013

Toponyms of Saint-Petersburg translated with machine translation)))

В Петербурге появилась дезориентирующая навигация — The Village — The Village — поток «Город»

A new navigational guidance appeared in St. Petersburg on the eve of the summit, "G 20". A lot of new signs have been installed on many subway stations and main streets's places in order to show the way to the metro stations, major streets, police stations and places of interest. All placenames and titles are duplicated in English. 

The citizens have already noticed the first errors on the new signs. For example, the pointer on the Moskovsky Prospect "subway station Moskovskaya" with photo of Vasilevsky Island does not lead to the subway, but to the residential quarter. For translation of place names into English, they have most likely used a machine translation. Thus, the Дом Молодежи ("Youth House") became "Dom Youth", and Морской порт ("Seaport") became "Morskoy Port".

Activists of the "Beatuful Petersburg" have begun to collect new addresses pointers to require the city government to replace them. The navigation guidance have already upgraded for "Vasileostrovsky." However, the changes affected only the translation into English.