Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 8th Svyatogorsky Onomastic Readings

Donetsk National University 

Donetsk National Medical University 

Foundation for Investigations and Initiatives in Humanities "Azbuka"

International Onomastic Workshop

The 8th Svyatogorsky Onomastic Readings

Dear colleagues,

We warmly invite you to participate in the 8th Svyatogorsky Onomastic Readings which will be held in Svyatogorsk on October 18-20, 2013 (Donetsk Oblast', Ukraine).

Submissions of your contributions and presentations dedicated to the modern problems of onomastics and poetic onomatology (literary onomastics) are welcome prior to the 10th September.

Please, contac via e-mail: 

Convenor: Prof. E. Otin

Vice-Convenor: Prof. V. Kalinkin