Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bad News and Good News on the Dictionary of Medieval Names
After having promised, for some months now, an end-of-September date for the publication of the first edition of the Dictionary, we must unfortunately bring the bad news that we’re pushing back this date to the beginning of 2015.

But the good news is, this delay is because Dr. Sara L. Uckelman, the EiC, 

has recently accepted the offer of a permanent position at Durham University 
and so will be using the next two months to pack up her and her family’s lives in Germany and move to England, instead of the much more enjoyable alternative of working on the Dictionary. But rather than put out something that doesn’t meet our exacting standards, just to meet proposed deadlines, we decided it would be better to delay things by a few months in order to ensure the first edition sparkles.

Oh, I am so happy for Sara! My congratulations!!! Her onomastic corpora are well-known and I am sure she will contribute a lot to the development of onomastics being at Durham University. My best onomastic wishes to Sara Uckelman))) 
I hope one day I will find my permanent place in this cruel onomastic world...