Monday, June 11, 2018

New versions of the bibliography on commercial names by Ilia Baranov


It is a bibliography on commercial names (or may be better to call them ‘pragmatic names’?) research and development, mostly in English and Russian. About 4,000 entries with keyword filters gathered in two Google tables’ sheets, Cyrillic and Latin. Commentary option is available for users. Main problem is to cover social and cognitive sciences by overall system of keywords. It is far from perfect. Each string contains keywords grouping in 8 topics:
  • nat_lang: language (or area) of names under consideration. Russian in Cyrillic section and English in Latin section are not mentioned except of cross-language researches;
  • market segment of named items, including arts, politics and sport;      
  • species of names concerning names items: companies (ergonym), goods (pragmatonym, chrematonym), places, colors, people, machines, as well as animals, robots and fictional beings;
  • properties of names, linguistic par excellence: semantics, grammar (morphology and syntax), orthography, graphics, phonetics;     
  • perception of names, mostly measureable, by target auditory;             
  • process of name invention and living: creation, selection criteria, test, localization, registration, usage;             
  • research: terminology, taxonomy, history, ethics, statistics, methods, science areas, law, management, popular articles; Importance key concerns connections between business efficacy and name properties;
  • additions: neighbor topics or research fields.
Keywords are listed in separate table sheet. They are counted separately for Latin and Cyrillic parts. One could see the topic bias to descriptive linguistics in Cyrillic section and the bias to marketing research in Latin section. Is it the consequence of gathering method or real difference, we do not know yet. Any suggestions?
New version 1.4007 is now available (May 2018). 500+ entries were added and 400+ unrelated ones were removed, much of them were concerned general onomastics, phonetic symbolism, word/letter recognition, reading, neuroscience and branding. Works devoted to name letter effect (NLE key) are not directly concerned to commercial names but still presented in bibliography. Papers in Slavic languages were added, mostly in Latin section. Keyword system was revised, expanded and fixed. ‘Common’ key was removed from Research topic.
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