Monday, February 11, 2019

Database "Toponyms of Pisidia and Lycia" is searchable online


TPL (Toponyms of Pisidia and Lycia) is a searchable online database containing the metadata of Pisidian and Lycian place names attested in the Greco-Roman period (8th century BC, 3rd century BC) in Greek and Latin. 

The different places are listed on a georeferenced map, allowing to locate the place names precisely and to identify the different places in the space. This project results from Lauriane Locatelli's thesis entitled "The toponymy and ethnonymy of ancient Pisidia (13th century BC, early 4th century BC)", defended on 28 June 2017 at UCLouvain (Belgium) in co-operation with UBFC (France). 

The georeferenced map also includes Lycia in collaboration with Simone Podestà (UBFC, Unige) author of a thesis entitled "Storia e storiografia della Licia", defended on December 5, 2016 in Paris 4 in cotutelle with the Università degli studi (Genoa, Italy), to be published by PUFC. 

This project aims to give access to the references of Pisidian place names in literary sources and to provide a georeferenced map of places of Pisidia and ancient Lycia.

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