Wednesday, August 26, 2020

7th Panhellenic Conference of Onomastics postponed to 2021


Due to the expected new epidemic wave in autumn 2020, the Greek Onomastic Society decided to postpone for about six months the 7th Panhellenic Conference of OnomasticsTherefore, those who still wish to participate are kindly requested to submit their abstracts by December 31, 2020.

We remind you that the topic of the Conference is: "Onomastics of  Naxos and Lesser Cyclades Islands" that will concern the study of various names (baptismal, surnames, nicknames, toponyms, etc.) inside the archipelago of the Cyclades, wich comprises 32 islands (Naxos, Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi, Irakleia, Schoinoussa, Donousa, Keros etc.)

The Conference will be dedicated to the former president of the Greek Onomastic Society, Prof. Ioannis Probonas, eminent scholar of the Naxian language and culture. The general objective is to highlight the Hellenic onomastics and provide multiple possibilities for wider cooperation within Ethnolinguistics, Classical Philology, Folklore, History, Archeology, Literature, etc. The Conference will be held in the Church Agios Nikodimos in the city of Naxos from 14th to 16th May 2021

Please, submit yout abstracts by contacting the members of the organizing committee: (Xenophon Tzavaras) (Maria Vrachionidou) (Manolis Sergis)

The time limit of presentation will be 20 minutes and additional 15 minutes will be provided for discussion at the end of each session.

The official languages of the Conference are Greek and English. The Proceedings of the Conference will be published in the 23rd volume of the journal «Ονόματα».

Registration for the conference will be free, while the accommodation and travel expenses will be covered, with the kind sponsorship of the Municipality of Naxos for 40 speakers. In case the number of participants exceeds, order of priority will be respected based on the date of registration.

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