Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Place-Name Politics in Multilingual Areas


A Comparative Study of Southern Carinthia (Austria) and the Těšín/Cieszyn Area (Czechia)

Authors: Jordan, P., Mácha, P., Balode, M., Krtička, L., Obrusnik, U., Pilch, P., Sancho Reinoso, A.

  • Compares and contrasts two multilingual and multiethnic areas in Austria and Czechia in an attempt to understand the role and power of place names in these contexts.
  • Explores the interface between concepts of 'identity' and 'home', and the symbolic power of place names.
  • Places the case studies within their academic and political contexts, positioning the book in relation to current debates in the social sciences and the political climates of the respective countries.
  • Draws on anthropological, geographic and socio-onomastic approaches to toponymy to take a truly interdisciplinary and multimethodological approach.

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