Sunday, February 7, 2021

The most popular names for women in Sweden 1920–2019

Timeline history of spoken names for women in Sweden from 1920 to 2019 In Sweden next to every child is given between two and four names, but most children are actually called by only one name. This name is called ”tilltalsnamn” in Swedish. In this video you will see by which first names women were actually known during the last hundred years in Sweden Data source: Statistikdatabasen Music: “Timpani Beat” by Nana Kwabena (No Copyright Music) #names_in_Sweden #personal_names =========================== SE ======================== Inspelningen visar de mest populära kvinnliga tilltalsnamnen under de senaste hundra åren. Ta reda på om ditt namn varit i topp någon gång! Statistiken är hämtad ur Statistikdatabasen ( #namn #namnstatistik #personnamn #kvinnonamn #tilltalsnamn

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