Sunday, March 13, 2022

Call for papers ''Historical Studies of the Lexicon"

Call Deadline: 15-Apr-2022

Entrepalavras (B1-2016), a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to Linguistics (Federal University of Ceara-Brazil), invites researchers to submit their paper to its thematic issue ''Historical Studies of the Lexicon'. More details can be found below and on the journal's website ( There is no charge for submission and publication fees.

Guest Editors: Dr. Sandro Marcio Drumond Alves Marengo – Federal University of Sergipe; Dr. José Luís Ramírez Luengo – Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Dr. Eliabe Procópio – Federal University of Roraima; Dr. Edvaldo Balduíno Bispo - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

Theme: Historical Studies of the Lexicon

In recent decades, the historical approach has been rescued in Linguistics by large investigative and bibliographic projects (PHPB, ALIB, CHARTA, CORDIAM, etc.), the focus of which has been to compose corpora and explain the relationship between the history and the configuration of Portuguese and Spanish as they were transplanted to the Americas, and the contrast between American and European varieties. In view of this thematic breadth, the proposal of this dossier is restricted to lexicon, with the aim of bringing together research on the history of the lexicon of Romance languages, especially Portuguese and Spanish, in the most diverse areas: Lexicology, Lexicography, Terminology, Terminography, Onomastics, Toponymy, Phraseology, Etymology, Neology, Lexical Morphology, Corpus Constitution, etc.

Submission deadline: April 15, 2022
Publication: August, 2022
Submissions and instructions to the authors:

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