Wednesday, March 29, 2023



Mondonomo has published a special dictionary edition devoted to the Ukrainian given names, their transliteration and etymology. The work can be considered as the very first Reference Dictionary of Ukrainian Names. This is the definitive scholarly reference for a new generation of Ukraine-centred researchers and amateurs. The dictionary is a celebration of Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage bringing to light the country’s most important names from prehistory to the present. It chronicles the naming patterns within Ukraine at a time when the country’s people, culture, and language are facing destruction and devastation.

This is a compelling account of Ukraine’s cultural history, told through the prism of a carefully curated selection of key names arguing for a distinctly Ukrainian cultural identity. Organized thematically across nine chapters, the Reference Dictionary contains more than 6.000 Ukrainian given names with their corresponding English pairs, while accompanying information reveal the origin and significance behind the names. About 2.000 pet forms of names weave Ukraine’s dynamic and inextinguishable folk traditions through the dictionary, providing naming texture as well as a sense of the nation’s living history. All in all, it includes over 8.000 up-to-date dictionary entries with Ukrainian script, official Romanized form and non-standard spellings; a guide to Ukrainian pronunciation; and a section on menu terms. This reference is an invaluable tool for researchers, travellers, students, name-givers and businesspersons.

The content of the Dictionary suggests opportunities for further efforts, making it an exceptional starting point both for academics looking for innovative ideas and common people willing to learn something new about an unfamiliar culture.


A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Dictionary will be donated to help Ukrainian refugees in need.

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