Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nambudiri Brahmin ancestral house names

Jayaprakash Mallay is presenting his eBooks MALAYALA BRAHMIN AUTOCHTHON THEORY as well as NAMBUDIRIES OF SOUTH INDIA. 

They are all about Nambudiri Brahmin origin and descent traced to an alternative perspective of the fishermen dimension. Nambudiri Brahmins of Kerala in South India are a priestly class of people elevated from a fishing sailing class of remote antiquity. 

Using multidisciplinary approach of Social History, Cultural Anthropology, and Ethno Linguistics this pioneering effort of Jayaprakah Mallay chalks out an interesting discourse through a major theoritical trejectory of Social Mobility concern in Mediaeval Kerala. His fresh insights on single pattern of Nambudiri Brahmin ancestral house name on fish and related sea creatures through etymological derivative is no sheer wild wizardry of words that spill a beguiling spell of Narwhal, turtle, prawns and spawns is what makes Mallay's seminal findings marathon, monumental and unique. 

He first published his book in the print media in 1995 and was praised both by the Press and the Parlour. His finely textured and meticulously researched revised and enlarged edition appears as an eBook in 2O19. You may kindly visit him at :

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