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From 1 January to 15 February [...] lifting all access restrictions on all 2010-2012 Names content to make it available to you completely free of charge.

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Names: A Journal of Onomastics promotes and disseminates research in all areas of names including personal names (given names, surnames, nicknames, pseudonyms, women’s marital names, courtesy titles), place names, brand names, trade names, literary names, and other named objects and concepts, e.g., invented languages, automobile names, names of musical groups, animal names, cartoon characters, and so forth. All submissions undergo a rigorous review by two anonymous onomastic scholars in accordance with an explicit set of evaluation guidelines including theory, methodology, innovation, interdisciplinarity, documentation, writing style, objectivity, future impetus, and overall quality of scholarship.

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From 1 January to 15 February we are lifting all access restrictions on all 2010-2012 Names content to make it available to you completely free of charge. 
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Impact Factor for the first time !!!
For the first time, Names has been awarded an Impact Factor. The 2011 JCR shows an Impact Factor of 0.108 for the journal:

2011 Journal Citation Reports®
(Thomson Reuters, 2011)
2-year Impact Factor: 0108
Ranks:  • 136/161 Linguistics

Names, the journal of the American Name Society, is one of the world's leading journals in the study of onomastics. Since the first issue in 1952, this quarterly journal has published hundreds of articles, reviews, and notes, seeking to find out what really is in a name, and to investigate cultural insights, settlement history, and linguistic characteristics revealed in names.
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Meet the Editor Frank Nuessel

Since 2008, Frank Nuessel serves as Editor of Names. He is a Professor in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of Louisville, where was named University Scholar. He has served as President of the Semiotic Society of America (2011). Professor Nuessel is currently President of the American Association of Teachers of Italian (2012). Frank has also served as Chief Reader of AP® Italian (2006-2009, 2011-2012). He has written extensively (books and articles) on onomastics, Italian Studies, Hispanic linguistics, semiotics, gerontology, and second-language education. He has authored The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics (Greenwood, 1992) plus numerous articles on names and onomastics.

Meet the Book Review Editor Christine De Vinne

Christine De Vinne is vice president for academic affairs and professor of English at Notre Dame of Maryland University. After earning her Ph.D. in English at The Ohio State University, she was named director of the liberal arts core curriculum and then Dean of Arts and Sciences at Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio, where she and Beth DiNatale- Johnson began a historical study of the names of U.S. women’s colleges. She has been elected vice president (2001-2002) and president (2003-2004) of the American Name Society. In 2005 she was appointed to the editorial board of Names and became the journal’s first book review editor. Her research and publications focus on literary, corporate, and institutional names, as well as autobiographical theory, particularly the study of confessions. She has served as visiting scholar at the Loyola University Chicago Gannon Center for Women and Leadership and at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In addition to onomastic studies of literature, her current work involves an exploration of confessional narrative in American literature.

Annual Award for Best Article

The winner of this award is determined by an independent jury of onomastic scholars. The award, initiated in 2009, is presented at the annual meeting. Previous award winners include:

2009. Denis Huschka, Jürgen Gerhards, and Gert G. Wagner for their article entitled “Naming Differences in Divided Germany” Volume, 57 (4)

2010. Dr. Małgorzata Rutkiewicz-Hanczewska (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland) for her article entitled “Proper Names in the Polish Global Reality”  Volume 58 (3)

2011. Carol G. Lombard, The University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa), for her article entitled “The Sociocultural Significance of Niitsitapi Personal Names: An Ethnographic Analysis” Volume 59 (1)