Thursday, January 31, 2013

Festival colloquium in honour of 20 years of the society for onomastics inc. 1990-2010

published by Dietlind Kremer (University of Leipzig)

and Dieter Kremer (University of Trier)

The first conference "Town and its names" gave a handle to consider that extremely complicated subject and variety of the possible approaches from historical, social or linguistic viewpoints. On this occasion, any special town was not central, but the questions were explained in a huge number of concrete case studies.

The thematic spread ranges from the source materials to the city patron saints, from street names to institution and waters names, from forenames to surnames, from Jewish names to books' names. The geographic frame encloses the German cities of Leipzig, Chemnitz, Soest, Hamburg and Bayreuth; the European context addresses Moscow, Florence and important towns of Romania. Numerous impetuses are given for the discussion about names in the urban environment as well as suggestions for other investigations; see also the table of content (in German):

The book appeared in 2012 (volume 8) within the serie of Onomastica Lipsiensia at the university of Leipzig.

The next conference of the GfN "Town and its names II" will take place on the 24th and 25th of May, 2013 in Leipzig. Interested parties are warmly invited thereto: