Monday, March 18, 2013

Professor Superanskaya passed away ...

SUPERANSKAYA Alexandra Vasilyevna died on the 12th March 2013 in the intensive care unit of the hospital at 12:30

She is the linguist and onomatologist with a world name! Brilliant lecturer and popular writer of researches on forenames and surnames. Wise trustee of young linguists and careful research supervisor. The tireless workaholic even with her more than 80 years. Fantastically kind person. All this is our dear and unforgettable Alexandra Vasilyevna...

It is only a small part of what I can tell about her now... I am sure a lot of things will be told and written about A.V.Superanskaya later. We should really recognize an outstanding role of this talented scientist in the history of Slavonic linguistics, in formation and development of Russian onomastics and realize what happiness was granted to us - to be Aleksandra Vasilyevna Superanskoy's contemporaries... We cherish the memory of our Dearest Colleague!

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Short biography: 

Alexandra was born in Moscow in 1929. Since 1957 she works at the RAN Linguistic Institute; she is a main research worker in applied linguistic department, terminology and onomastics' group manager, engaged into the special vocabulary development.

Photo of 1964, Superanskaya at the toponymic seminar in the Geographic Society of USSR between Doctor of Geographical Sciences Eduard Murzaev (left) and famous toponymist Vladimir Nikonov (right)

She reads scientific literature in 12 languages and published more than 350 scientific works, including 20 books and brochures; she assisted in compiling several vocabularies. 16 candidate and 6 doctoral theses were written under her direction by young scientists. She has cooperated with ‘Science and Life’ journal since 1964 and she responsed to numerous letters, authors of which were interested in various problems of Russian language, general linguistic and especially personal names. She is a doctor of philological sciences, a professor, a member of International onomastic committee, a member of Onomastic and Terminological commission of International committee of Slavic philology, a member of Orthographic commission of RAN, Terminological commission RosTerm, Municipal Interdepartmental commission of territorial units, streets and subway stations, the member of Russian Geographic Society.

I remember one case when she authorized that Russian names Natal'a (Наталья) and Natalya (Наталия) should be considered identical. She has even subscribed the certificate which follows:

Main publications:

General Theory of personal name. 1973;

Modern Russian Family Names. 1981;

The Theory and the Methodic of onomastical researches. 1989;

About Russian forenames

About Russian Surnames

Stress in proper names in Russian language

Name - through the centuries and the countries

Dictionary of vulgar forms of Russian names

General Terminology (in two volumes). 1989 - 93;


What is toponymics? From the history of placenames.

Modern Doctionary of Personal Names (comparisons, origins, orthographies)

Names: History and Modern Times

Thank you, Alexandra Vasyl'evna, for your contribution and your love for proper names and persons who stand behind them!!!