Friday, April 26, 2013

Personal Names from Vienna's manuscripts

(in English)

Forenames, Bynames and Surnames of the 15th Century from the Vienna's sources

by Axel Linsberger

The given study is devoted to the collection, typological classification and etymological interpretation of the anthroponyms from Vienna's sources of the 15th  century. Various types of names are submitted to linguistic, cultural and historical analyses. A comprehensive onomastic study present the names with historic material evidence.

In addition to writing peculiarities and trends in forname-giving, the questions on the heritability of bynames are treated. The documentary evidence characterizes the 15th century as a period of fixation and heritability of bynames and thus the establishment of hereditary surnames.

Moreover, in the light of the cultural-historical analysis, the special information is to be worked out what concerns the socio-cultural structure and the immigration area of late medieval Vienna.

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