Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strategic Naming Discovery Internship

City: Manhattan, NY

Job Date: 04/01

Brand Strategy

As an Intern, you will be responsible for understanding client situations, gathering and synthesizing information (e.g., industry, company, competition) and making preliminary recommendations to your case team and day-to-day client.

As a Brand Strategy team member, you will apply strategic, analytical and creative thinking to solve challenging brand issues for clients on a daily basis.

You will learn the nuances and complexities of naming for global brands, particularly at the corporate level, and will understand how to navigate to a solution. You will contribute substantially to case delivery in terms of strategic thinking, content development and project management.

This is an opportunity to join a talented and passionate group in developing and building some of the world’s leading brands. The team-oriented environment allows for exposure to Senior Partners across the business and the scope to be involved in key decision-making.

A standard day’s activities could involve:

Managing the naming process, including development of name criteria and timelines, briefing namers, coordinating short-listing and owning creative master lists
Developing strategic rationales for names to be presented
Working with our naming team across a range of concurrent projects
Interfacing directly with clients, from kickoff through presentation, particularly with the day-to-day client to navigate everyday hurdles of naming
Making recommendations of strategically aligned names for products, services and companies across industries
Gathering, organizing and summarizing information on client business strategy, industry and competitive dynamics, best practice analyses and customer insights to identify key implications
Quickly picking up skills and knowledge in new areas, leveraging client, firm and external resources
Collaborating with other strategists and designers to explore alternatives and develop thinking (e.g., brainstorming sessions)
Contributing to the development and storyline of client presentations
Effectively communicating with, and presenting to, both internal case teams and external client teams
Conducting in-depth interviews with client management and key stakeholders
Supporting case team planning and analysis of quantitative and qualitative customer / prospect research, from discrete choice analysis to focus groups

Typical background & attributes of successful Strategic Naming Interns include:

Outstanding communications, writing and interpersonal skills
A passion for problem solving, creative expression and improving the way companies relate to customers
An analytical and rigorous approach to finding solutions and a flexibility in applying them
A willingness to push your thinking, attack issues from multiple angles and stretch yourself to provide outstanding brand ideas to clients
An appetite for learning and wrestling with challenging topics across a diverse range of clients/ industries
Demonstrated ability to work across multiple clients at the same time
Expertise in linguistics, creative writing or a foreign language a plus

Please forward a resume as this is an immediate position

Bill Smith
Harrison Hayes