Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Innovationer i namn och namnmönster

The 43rd NORNA's  Symposium

Innovations in names and name patterns

will be held in Halmstad on 6-8 November 2013

Names are part of language and society because language and social change bring new necessities and new opportunities for naming and name research. Therefore, the symposium's theme, "Innovations in names and name patterns" should be understood broadly and contributions in various areas are welcome: innovative names and name patterns, establishment of names for innovations, multi-cultural names, literary names, attitudes to new names and designs as well as innovative theories, methods and applications. The Symposium includes both place names and personal names, as well as other types of the names. The Symposium has invited several key speakers to highlight the name research from an innovative perspective.

Practical issues
The symposium begins on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 with lunch and ends on Friday, November 8 with lunch as well. The symposium will take place at the Conference Center Tylebäck outside Halmstad.

In order to reach Halmstad you can take a flight from Stockholm or train from Malmö or Gothenburg. From the center of Halmstad you can easily go to Tylebäck by bus or taxi (about 20 minutes). Preliminary conference fees are estimated at around 3000 Skr, which include accommodation in a single room with full board from 6/11/2013 to 8/11/2013, gala dinner, and a half-day excursions through city and to the Halmstad Group Gallery Mjellby Art Museum.

The conference fee may be reduced depending on any external funding grants.

Important dates

June 2013: A second mailing with preliminary program sent out.

2013-09-02: Final notification, submission of abstract and payment of entry fee.

October 2013: Final program sent to all who registered.

A website for the symposium will be established.

Contact Information
Emilia Aldrin (035-16 72 35 emilia.aldrin@hh.se) or Linnea Gustafsson (035-16 77 06 linnea.gustafsson@hh.se), School of Humanities, University of Halmstad.

You are warmly welcome to Halmstad in November 2013!

Emilia Aldrin 

author of

and Linnea Gustafsson

Some examples of issues of the precedent symposia: