Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Postdoc in Italian Onomastics

Multilingual Anthroponymy: History of Language and Identities as seen through data from ASAVDA-Archivio Storico Antroponimico dell'Antroponimia Valdostana

I've found the announcement about Fellowship posted by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research 

Info in English doesn't explain  a lot... I suggest there is more in Italian but I can't find where... One thing is clear: one post-doc is to be hired to research on proper names on the basis of ASAVDA-Archivio Storico Antroponimico dell'Antroponimia Valdostana.

The project is guided by Prof.

Gianmario Raimondi



His project has been presented by him in Raimondi G., 2010, Un progetto sui nomi di persona: l'Archivio Storico Antroponimico della Valle d'Aosta (ASAVDA), «Nouvelles du Centre d'Études FrancoprovençalesRené Willien», 62: 49-63. (Download in PDF  http://www.centre-etudes-francoprovencales.eu/cef/bollettini/nouvelles-centre-62-2010-941.pdf?r=0.431353691584 )


“Multilingual Anthroponymy”: Scientific sorting of the computerized ASAVDA archive, also in view of the publication, with particular regard to the lemmatization of anthroponyms and to the consultation of the Italian and French bibliographical reference for the sector; collaboration to the editing of lexical items for “DSEAV-Historical-Etymological Dictionary of the Aosta Valley Anthroponymy; writing of a methodological or in-depth paper for the collective volume to be published together with the DSEAV.

"APV-Atlas des Patois Valdôtains": Scientific sorting of the computerized APV archive; collaboration to the editing of geo-linguistic items for the first volume “Le lait et les activités laitières”(2014)

Fellowship's Details
Career StageExperienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)
Research ProfileNot defined
Employment contract with full social securityyes
Total amount per fellowship per year19367
Covers salaryyes
Covers travel and subsistenceno
Covers research costsyes
Maximum duration of fellowship12

It's a pity that I don't speak Italian(((( It would be interesting to research on ot!