Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (Faculty of Humanities, the Institute of Polish Philology) is hiring an Associate Professor in Onomastics

POSTED:  20 December 2012 
EXPIRES: 30 January 2013

KEYWORDS: onomastics, anthroponomastics,  toponomastics, lexicology, lexicography, idiolectics, style, stylistics, artistic language, artistic style in specific literary periods. 

DESCRIPTION (field, expectations, comments):
Applications accepted from individuals who meet the requirements outlined in the Polish Higher Education Act (Law of 27 July 2005, Journal  of Laws no. 164, pos. 1365 and subsequent changes) as well as those who meet the following requirements: 
- well-documented record of significant reserach in the following areas: onomastics, anthroponomastics, toponomastics, lexicology, lexicography, stylistics, idiosyncratic language (scholarly experience should include authorship and co-authorship of books and articles, as well as direct experience as an editor of edited volumes). 
- rich experience (at least ten years) teaching at least one of the following subjects (multiple preferred): lexicology and lexicography, stylistics and varieties of contemporary Polish, onomastics, as well as experience leading BA and MA seminars.  
- experience working in academic teams; ability to lead team projects; 
- fluent mastery of Polish (spoken and written). 

A candidate applying for the position of an associate professor is obliged to submit the following documents: 
- a letter of application addressing employment in the research post, 
- an academic curriculum vitae, 
- a personal questionnaire form, 
- a copy of diploma of a holder of the postdoctoral degree or a letter confirming granting of the postdoctoral degree, 
- a list of scientific achievements including all publications, conference papers and other scientific works, 
- a statement by the candidate that the Kazimierz Wielki University will be her/his main place of employment. 
The documents should be submitted to the Office of the Institute of Polish Philology, Faculty of Humanities, Jagiellońska Street 11 (room 23), 85-064 Bydgoszcz, Poland 
The decision of the contess: 12.02.2013 r.

I don't speak Polish... neither I haven't taught onomastics at least 10 years... so, I can't apply...