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e-Onomastics in Sweden (part 3)

Names in the older industrial environment

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The project "Names in older industrial environment" (Namn i äldre bruksmiljö) aims to analyse personal names around Uddeholm companies in Värmland during 1700s - 1800s. The intention here is to reach new knowledge on naming and name conditions in the area marked by the encounter of an older agrarian culture and a modern industrial society.

                                                                          Lennartsfors. Woodcuts from the 1860s.

The project indetifies forenames' and surnames' portfolio during the surveyed period, as well as the emergence of new naming models. The naming patterns determined by the project proves that name-giving processes have been mostly based on "naming after" tradition with a limited number of names with a greater freedom in naming choice. The increased use of family names versus patronymics has been examined from a social perspective, with particular focus on women's names.

In connection with this project, a study of names of Värmland ironworks and foundries has also been published.

The project was conducted by Katharina Leibring:

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Published articles (Swedish only!!!)
1) Names in the older industrial environment. Project Presentation and some early results. In: Dynamics of Names. Trends and driving forces in the Nordic naming. Documents from the thirteenth Nordic names Congress in Tällberg 15-18 August 2003. Red. Staffan Nyström, pp. 205-216. Uppsala, 2005.

2) Lennartsfors, Rottne Holm Likanå. Names usage in Värmland. In: Names and runes. Uppsala Studies in onomastics and runology, in honour of the Lennart Elmevik's 70th anniversary, 2 February 2006. Red. by Lena Peterson, Svante Strandberg & Henry Williams, pp. 75-86. Uppsala, 2006.
3) State of names in North Rada and Gustav Adolf, 1730-1837. In: Studia Anthroponymica Scandinavica 24, 2006.
4) Lena Eriksdotter or Helena Gewert? Personal names in a Swedish parish 1730-1830. In: Proceedings of the 22nd ICOS Conference in Pisa, 2005.