Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rural and Urban Onomasticon

Within the limits of the VIIth International Research and Practice Conference "Problems of living Russian Word Studies at the turn of Millennium", which will be held on 25-26 October 2013 at the Pedagogical University of Voronezh, the following sections will be organized:

Section 1. History, current state and prospects of development of the Russian language.
Section 2. The study of the dialects of the Russian language. Lexical Atlas of Russian folk dialects.
Section 3. Russian colloquial language and speech.
Section 4. Language of fiction.
Section 5. Social environment and language.
Section 6. Slavic languages​​. The comparative aspect.
Section 7. Problems of the linguistic folcloristics.
Section 8. Rural and urban onomasticon.
Section 9. The living Russian word at school and university: methodological aspect. Language-based area studies.