Friday, August 9, 2013

V International Crimean Michael's Scientific Reading "Problems of literary onomastics"

The Vth International Crimean Michael's scientific reading "Problems of literary onomastics" 

will be hold within 

the XIIth International Scientific Symposium "The Russian vector in world literature: the Crimean context"

12-16 September 2013 in Yevpatoria - Saky


Taurida National  V.I. Vernadsky University
95007, Simferopol, Vernadsky Ave., 4, 

Crimean Center of Humanitarian Studies,

Crimean society of Russian culture,

Ministry of Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf

The contact person: 

Kurjanov S. O.
Mob. 050 980 15 30
Ph. (0652) 633 027
Ph./fax (0652) 633 028 

Applications for participation in the Readings should be sent before August 25, 2013, upon the request you'll receive an official invitation.

Eupatoria is a great place!!! mmmm....