Thursday, October 24, 2013

В Чувашии возрождаются старинные чувашские имена / Rebirth of Old Chuvash names

В Чувашии возрождаются старинные чувашские имена.

The older generation still remembers the names and they do not seem strange to them. For example , the ending -pi in the Chuvash women's names goes back to the common Turkic word "bike" - 'lady', which in the Chuvash language is usually pronounced as "pike". It is believed by Türkologists that originally this component was used exclusively as a polite form of address for a woman, and was later included in the structure of personal names. Moreover, it can be added to the placenames: the name Pinerpi was formed from the name of the Chuvash village Piner or Pinery, Sinerpi - from the village of Siner or Sinery. It would be interesting to know in which settlements were given these names in the past two years because in the old days , they were given as a real indication of the place of birth.