Sunday, November 10, 2013

Тайны и легенды «града Тюменя» / Why Tyumen had been called "Tyumen"

Тайны и легенды «града Тюменя» | Тюменская область сегодня

It seems that the local journalist Yelena Dubovskaya has uncovered the mystery of the toponym "Tyumen", which is known as the first Russian town in the Siberia.

It was assumed that this placename had come
- from the Tatar "tumen" for "ten thousand" (as if a tenthousand army stood there);
- from the Bashkir "tumende" for "underneath" (as if the place was beneath);
- from the Ugric "chemgen" for "borough on the way";
- from the Turkic "tyu" for "belonging" and "myana" for "property" (as if it meant "my property")...

Mrs. Dubovskaya discovered that two voevodas of the Tsar, Vasily Sukin and Ivan Myasnoy, in 1586, whithout a second thought, while building up the stockaded town on the big river, recoursed to a naming centuries-old tradition after the junction where the settlement had started. It's very possible that those trailblazers had used the Ugric hydronym "Tem-enk" for naming the new-built fortress.