Thursday, November 14, 2013

e-Onomastics is 1-year old !!!

It’s November 2013 and yes, I am celebrating my onomastic anniversary. 

We’re 1-year old! 

It was just a year ago that I decided to continually offer an array of onomastic posts to my readers, linguists, onomatologists.

The big number of visitors, gets me excited every time!

Yes, we can see that e-Onomastics has totally changed. 

I am focusing on creating onomastic postings for a wide range of scholars and purposes, from personal bloggers to professional linguists, on promoting and displaying onomastic news, events, products, publications, videos or services.

I have come a long way, but then to ensure a firm footing in the onomastic area, I do need to constantly move forward, bringing innovative ideas to my blog and updating myself in every which way! My onomastic gaze is set on it. So I am fast catching up to this revolutionized market of the applied onomastics. In fact, in a few time, I am looking to establish myself as your ultimate favorite onomastic blogger!

It has been an amazing first year for e-Onomastics… here’s to the next one and many more to come!

I am overwhelmed by the positive response I received from our readers. There has been almost forty thousand of visitors.

In the past one year, several onomastically oriented centers have written about us, featured us and put us up on their list of popular websites.