Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Cognitive Onomastics" by Olena Karpenko

As you know, the programme of ICOS 2014 is already available and I would like just to point out some proposals which will be presented throughout the Congress. I am going to stress rather general and global works that contribute to the onomastics' development. 

I start with "Cognitive Onomastics" of Olena Karpenko (Olena is Ukrainian version of Russian "Elena"). You can enjoy it on Monday 25th August at 11:30. 

Olena Karpenko is from very "onomastic" family, her father is prominent Professor of Onomastics Yuri Karpenko and her mother Muza Chicherina researched on antroponomastics.  

Karpenko Elena Yurievna

Karpenko Elena Yurievna

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor

Candidate thesis: “Communicative Pragmatic Potential of the Proper Name in Science Fiction”, 1992, scientific advisor – Doctor of Philology, Professor Kukharenko V.A. Speciality 10.02.04. − Germanic languages.
Doctoral thesis: “Cognitive Onomastics as the Course of Study of Proper Names”, 2007, scientific consultant – Doctor of Philology, Professor Kolegaeva I.M. Speciality10.02.15. − general linguistics.
Professor Olena Yu. Karpenko is the editor of the scientific journal «Записки з ономастики» and works on the editorial board of other scientific linguistic editions. She is a regular member of the Dissertation Defence Board in Odessa and Kyiv (NAS of Ukraine).
Professor Elena Yu. Karpenko supervises scientific research work of students, Bachelors, Masters, postgraduate students, and co-aspirants.


a) theoretical:
History of the English Language;
Cognitive Onomastics;
b) practical:  Syntax.
Scholarly interests: Scholarly interests include the study of various aspects of the proper name functioning – their conceptualization and categorization in the mental lexicon as well as poetics of onym in fiction
Developed a new course of study of proper names – cognitive onomastics. Investigates the transformation of onyms in language mentality

Selected publications: