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Book "Encountering Toponymic Geopolitics"


Place Names as a Political Instrument in the Post-Soviet States

Edited BySergei Basik
Edition1st Edition
First Published2022
eBook Published1 November 2022
Pub. LocationLondon
eBook ISBN9781003293057
SubjectsGeography, Politics & International Relations


This book provides cutting-edge insights on contemporary geopolitical toponymic policy and practice in post-Soviet countries. It examines the political features of place naming as a reflection of contemporary political discourse.

With multidisciplinary insights from leading scholars, chapters explore a range of topics drawing on critical political toponymy and traditional methods. Contributions examine how the toponymic system can act as a symbol of national identity, the regional geopolitics of toponymy, and geopolitical patterns in contemporary renaming. The historical roots of toponymic decolonization are analyzed, as well as indigenous toponymy and politics, and toponymic aspects of people's daily lives. The book explores a wide range of processes in the post-Soviet realm, including power, identity, economy, social order, and how political power is changing/transforming. It considers how these processes are distributed through various geopolitical and political-economic technologies.

Offering empirically rich research from a variety of regions to give insights beyond "Western" perspectives, this book is the first to provide an in-depth exploration of post-Soviet place naming. It will appeal to students and researchers in human geography, politics, sociology, Eastern European studies, onomastics and cultural studies.

Chapter 1|28 pages

Encountering Toponymic (Geo)politics in the Post-Soviet States

BySergei Basik

Chapter 2|20 pages

The "Ultimate Toponym" and National Imaginaries in Georgia and Azerbaijan

Inhibiting Imaginaries of Borchali Among Georgia's Azeri-Turks
ByKarli-Jo T. Storm

Chapter 3|17 pages

Nation-Building by Virtue of the Local Renaissance

"Exemplary" Decommunization of Street Names in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
ByOleksiy Gnatiuk

Chapter 5|19 pages

Communist Markers in the Information Space of Post-Communist Society

The Case of Ukraine
ByAleksander Kuczabski

Chapter 6|19 pages

Toponymic Transformation in the Capital Centers of the North Caucasus

The Politics of Identity and Memory
ByValeri Thakahov

Chapter 7|17 pages

Naming the Arctic and Siberia

The Role of Cartographic Agencies in the Soviet Toponymic Policy and Practice
ByNadezhda Mamontova

Chapter 8|16 pages

Radical Memorialization in Kazakhstan

Spaces, Places, and Capitals
ByKulshat Medeuova, Zhomart Medeuov

Chapter 9|20 pages

Onomaturgies of Toponymic Commodification in Minsk, Belarus

ByJani Vuolteenaho, Sergei Basik

Chapter 10|8 pages


Toward the Future Post-Soviet Political Toponymies
BySergei Basik

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