Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nomina Africana’s new look


NISC now publishes the society’s journal “Nomina Africana: A journal of African Onomastics.” On behalf of all members, the Newsletter Editors, would like to thank Adrian Koopman who edited the journal from 2002 to 2016, Maleshoane RapeaneMathonsi (the Interim Editor), Nhanhla Mathonsi (the Society’s President) and all the Editorial Board members for working so hard and facilitating the change. This new development increases the visibility and accessibility of our work within and beyond the continent. All articles, including those in previous issues will soon be available on open access, and issue 31(1) was published online on 10 December 2017, and Issue 31(2) will come out soon. Keep watching the space! The images to the right capture a transition we are all proud happened in our lifetime. Please note that the publisher is aware of and promised to sort out as soon as possible the error of “NSA” at the bottom right side of the new Nomina cover.