Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Seminar "Onomastic space in the light of spiritual rebirth: achievements and the future" in Kazakhstan


On September 21, 2021, in the city of Zhitikara, Zhitikarinsky district, the Department for the Development of Languages of the Akimat of Kostanay region together with the public foundation "SANALY URPAQ" held a field seminar "Onomastic space in the light of spiritual revival: achievements and the future".

The main purpose of the event is to organize and conduct an analysis and research of the onomastic situation in the region, collect, systematize and organize information about historical toponyms, outstanding personalities of the region, develop proposals for restoring previously lost historical toponyms, study proposals for onomastic renewal.

The seminar was attended by members of the regional onomastic commission, heads and specialists of the departments of culture and language development of the akimats of the cities of Arkalyk, Rudny, Lisakovsk, Amangelda, Auliekolsky, Denisovsky, Zhangeldinsky, Zhitikarinsky, Kamystinsky, Karabalyk, Naurzumsky, Beimbet Maylin and Fedorovsky districts, scientists, local historians, media representatives.

During the seminar, scientists, local historians, specialists exchanged views and shared their experience on the issue under discussion.

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