Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Professor of Onomastics Carole Hough

My first "hero of Onomastics" to be presented is:

Professor Carole Hough

(photo and information from here: http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/critical/staff/carolehough/#tabs=0)

Professor of Onomastics (English Language)
telephone: 01413304566
email: Carole.Hough@glasgow.ac.uk
University of Glasgow

Professor Hough is President of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences, First Vice-President of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, Convener of the Scottish Place-Name Society, an Associate Director of the Historical Thesaurus of English, a Council Member of the English Place-Name Society, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Research interests:

Anglo-Saxon law
History of the English Language
Manuscript Studies
Old and Middle English Language and Literature

Carole Hough is Professor of Onomastics. Her research interests include English and Scottish personal names and place-names, literary onomastics, onomastic theory, Old English language and literature, and semantics. Recent books and edited volumes include New Directions in Colour Studies (2011, with Carole P. Biggam, Christian J. Kay and David S. Simmons),  Beginning Old English  (2007, with John Corbett),  The Power of Words: Essays in Lexicography, Lexicology and Semantics  (2006, with Graham Caie and Irené Wotherspoon),  Cultural Contacts in the North Atlantic Region: The Evidence of Names  (2005, with Peder Gammeltoft and Doreen Waugh), and  New Perspectives on English Historical Linguistics: Selected Papers   from 12 ICEHL, Glasgow, 21–26 August 2002 Vol. 2: Lexis and Transmission  (2004, with Christian Kay and Irené Wotherspoon).  She also has about 250 other publications, mainly on Old and Middle English, historical and contemporary semantics, Anglo-Saxon law, onomastics and manuscript studies. She edited the journal  Nomina from 1998-2007. She was Principal Investigator for the JISC-funded Scots Words and Place-names project (March-November 2011, in partnership with Scottish Language Dictionaries and the Scottish Place-Name Society), and is Co-Investigator for the AHRC-funded Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus project (2012-2014) and the AHRC-funded Scottish Toponymy in Transition project (2011-2014).

Publications of year 2012:

Hough, C. (2012) Scottish toponymy in transition: progressing county surveys of the place-names of Scotland. Scottish Place-Name News , 33 . pp. 5-7.

Hough, C. (2012) Linguistic levels: onomastics. In: Bergs, A. and Brinton, L.J. (eds.) English Historical Linguistics: An International Handbook. Series: Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science, 1 (34.1). De Gruyter Mouton , Berlin, Germany, pp. 212-223. ISBN 9783110202205

Hough, C. (2012) Review of: Lisi Oliver, The Body Legal in Barbarian Law. Toronto, Buffalo and London: University of Toronto Press, 2011. Law and History Review, 30 (2). pp. 641-642. ISSN 0738-2480 (doi:10.1017/S0738248012000041)

Hough, C. (2012) Celts in Scandinavian Scotland and Anglo-Saxon England: place-names and language contact reconsidered. In: Stenroos, M., Makinen, M. and Saerheim, I. (eds.) Language Contact and Development around the North Sea. John Benjamins, Amsterdam and Philadelphia, pp. 3-22. ISBN 9789027248398

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Hough, C.A. (2012) Women and law in the Anglo-Saxon period. Early English Laws .

Hough, Carole (2012) Repayment and revenge: metaphorical or metonymic links between two semantic fields. In: Sauer, Hans and Waxenberger, Gaby (eds.) English Historical Linguistics 2008. Selected papers from the fifteenth International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 15), Munich, 24–30 August 2008. Volume II: Words, texts and genres. Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory (324). John Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. 85-97.