Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's "e-Onomastics"? (part 2)

On the one hand, under e-Onomastics, we could only mean a computationally intensive name-based science that is carried out in highly distributed network environments, or onomastic science that uses immense data sets of proper names that require computer assistance.

But, from my part, I'd prefer to use the term "e-Onomastics" in a wide and simplified sense.

As I admit that e-Onomastics is a synonym of Digital Onomastics, I suggest to define it as does Dr. Peder Gammeltoft, Danish onomastician at Department of Scandinavian Research at Copenhagen University, on his site Digital Onomastics is a "Name Research making use of digital resources for the collection, interpretation and dissemination of onomastic matter".

(from here:

In regard thereto, the "e" in the "e-Onomastics" could stand not only for

  • "enhanced" and 
  • "enabled" (as in e-Science) but for 
  • "electronic" also (as in e-Mail); and humoristically for
  • "eugen(e)" - onomastics from Eugene, because it's my forename, in English Eugene, in French Eugène, in German Eugen, in Russian Евгений, in Spanish Eugenio and so on...
In the meantime, following the modern trend of all possible iPad, iPhone, iMac, iWork, iTunes, iCloud and iOS, I suggest using the term iOnomastics, although it's very obscure what "i" means therein. As well as Steve Jobs for the products of Apple Inc. does, we may decrypt that differently as "individual", "intellectual", "I", "internet", "inter-", "instruct", "inform", "inspire", etc. All of them claim to be perfect.

When (if!) someday I will be rich and famous Professor of Applied Onomastics (a-Onomastics?), I will produce some onomastic application for Apple Inc., and in that case I could title it "MacOnoma(stics)" or "ApplOnom" (applied onomastics). Perhaps I could develop a name system for McDonald's products, then it would be McOnoma(stics), or I could crown the name-giving department in IKEA ))))))) (ONOMIKEA, NAMIKEA, ...).

Thereby I urge that all new terms invented by me in this post must be considered as a claim staking procedure. All rights reserved!!!