Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Another great website to be promoted is a young www.onomastics.co.uk 

It "was founded by Alice Crook and Leonie Dunlop  
, two postgraduate students from the University of Glasgow, after it became apparent that this research field was brimming with new ideas but was in need of a place for discussions to take place. At the University of Glasgow, the lunchtime Onomastic Reading Group now meets fortnightly to discuss anything and everything related to the study of names. Over a pot of tea and a sandwich, everything from dog naming patterns in Africa to the Lochleven parish records in Scotland is chewed over. It is due to this enthusiastic bunch that this website came to fruition: with many thanks to Scott McGready, the website’s designer and developer, without whom it would have stayed an idea for a long time! Please put the kettle on and have a cuppa while enjoying browsing the website and joining in lively conversations. We hope this will spur you into attending a place-name walk or conference and will give you a place to keep discussions going in between onomastic events". (from here)

I think it's just wonderful what what they are doing there and in the future it will be very visited and helpful. We wish to Glaswegian onomasticians all the best in their web-onomastic job! Thank you, girls!!!

I must make a point that this website and all the actual onomastic studies in Glasgow are blessed by Professor Carole Hough. To get to know her personally has been a huge honour for me. I met her on the ICOS conference in Barcelona in 2011, but before we prepared a research proposal on the diachronic socio-cultural study of Glaswegian personal names in 2010 in order to apply for UK postdoc and EU grant. I am very thankful to her! My next posting will be dedicated to Prof. Hough.