Sunday, November 18, 2012

The first site I can advise you is that of Dr. Peder Gammeltoft (Copenhagen University):

Let me quote a fascinating rationale of the e-Onomastics:

"Digital Onomastics

The idea of digital onomastics is to ‘lift’ place-names and personal names out of the substantial collections in scientific institutions and the books produced such places and give them a new life on the internet for the benefit of researchers and everyman alike. 

Why bother with making place-names online and searchable on fancy maps? And is it better to read about the origins of one’s first name on the computer screen? Well, not necessarily – but there is a great interest in searching place-names and personal names on the internet. Unfortunately, much of the material is of a low scientific and informative standard.

Unfortunately, most onomasts have no computer programming skills and it has thus been difficult to disseminate most of the metriculously collected name data in archives and collections to the internet in a digital form.

This website hopes to bring inspiration to fellow onomasts to start going digital and to experiment with digital formats. It really is not that difficult..."

The author sets some examples where the e-Toponomastics (e-Toponymy, digital place-names studies) prevails. My research focuses mostly on the e-Antroponomastics (e-Antroponymy, digital personal names studies).