Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Names Society of Southern Africa


Today I'd like to promote the Names Society of Southern Africa:

The Names Society of Southern Africa is a society dedicated to the study of names, naming, and naming systems. The general areas of interest of members of the society cover personal names of all sorts (given names, family names, nicknames, etc. all known under the term ‘anthroponyms’), geographical names (also known as place names or toponyms), the use of names in literature (‘literary onomastics’ - ‘onomastics’ is the term used for the study of proper names. Scholars who study proper names are known as ‘onomasticians’), the names of commercial products (brand names), and the names of animals, ships, buildings, aeroplanes, in fact anything that can carry a proper name.

Members of the society come from a wide variety of disciplines: linguistics, historians, literature experts, geographers, to mention just a few. Some are teachers, others librarians or archivists, others civil servants and politicians, but all share an interest in names and naming.

The letters NSA in the society’s logo stand for the Afrikaans version of the name: die Naamkundevereniging van Suider-Afrika.

Prof Adrian Koopman
(University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Email: koopman@ukzn.ac.za )


Prof Bertie Neethling
(University of the Western Cape: Email: bneethling@uwc.ac.za )