Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cognitive Toponymy Project

Today I have found on the Internet the information on the new onomastic project. It sounds really amazing!!!

Welcome to the Cognitive Toponomy project!
This is an Royal Society of Edinburgh sponsored project examining how people conceptualise place names throughout Europe. They are particularly interested in how interpretation of place names can be seen to impact upon the development of Western society.
The project is being run out of the University of Glasgow, with contribution from the University of Copenhagen and the University of St. Andrews.They aim to create a network of people interested in Cognitive Toponomy, and will hold symposiums and discussions upon techniques, findings and new developments within the field of onomastics. All are welcome, whether experienced scholar or those venturing into place-name exploration for the first time!
Their regular online activites include our facebook page and twitter account, both of which will be used to announce Call for Papers, Conferences, Symposiums and gatherings relating to toponomy and omnastics. They also have an active mailing list which you can join to ensure you don’t miss out! The website will also provide an important base for the project, with details of the network’s members and an active blog keeping you up to date with the latest news from Cognitive Toponomy.
I'd like to participate in the forthcoming events of that project!!! I am already waiting for the first Call of papers)))