Monday, March 24, 2014

Onomastica. Journal on geographic and personal names and other proper names

Journal "Onomastica" is the only one in Poland on proper names. It is published since 56 years. It is the only journal of Commitee of Linguistics Polish Academy of Sciences. The papers published in "Onomastica" have the highest scientific level. They are reviewed by linguists-onomasticians according to the standards in journals of  international range; all summaries are in English. It is quite ofen that to the papers are given maps and indexes. Besides the papers there are  reviews of all important onomastic works published in Poland and abroad. The special part of the journal "Stae of research" gives the most important onomastic events. The journal cooperates with other international journals on onomastics. The summaries in English are given to CEJSH and in BazHum. The 56th number of "Onomastica" is on the internet platform of PAN. "Onomastica" has its website (

Onomastica. Pismo poświęcone nazewnictwu geograficznemu i osobowemu oraz innym nazwom własnym