Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SNSBI Twenty-fifth Spring Conference


SNSBI Twenty-fifth Spring Conference  —  April 15–18, 2016

The SNSBI 2016 spring conference will be held at Maynooth University. Registration is now open using this form. Please register by November 15.
Maynooth University, a part of the National University of Ireland, was formally established as an autonomous university in 1997. The University traces its origins to the foundation of the Royal College of St Patrick in 1795. The conference will take place on the South Campus, which the University shares with St Patrick's College, a seminary. This campus comprises a relatively compact complex of imposing 19th-century buildings, and will provide accommodation, dining and lecture facilities for the conference in one location.
postgraduate workshop will be held.
Maynooth is conveniently located 25km west of Dublin, with a regular train and bus service. The South Campus is just a few minutes walk from the train station. Access from Dublin Airport is relatively straightforward.
The cost of the conference, which will include full-board accommodation, is not yet finalised, but should come in below £300 for the full package, including registration fee and excursion. Day delegates rates will be offered for about £25 /€30 (dinner charged extra).
Contibutions are welcome on a range of topics, both place-names and personal names. If you are interested in giving a paper please email a title or abstract to confsec atsnsbi.org.uk.