Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences (Glasgow, 2014)

The question of whether or not summaries should be produced in all three ICOS languages (English, German and French) in the Congress proceedings was widely discussed at the meeting of the ICOS Board held on August 29th, 2014. Overall, it was determined that it is for Congress proceedings editors to adopt their own linguistic policy.

At its March meeting in Hanover in 2015, the ICOS Board supported a proposition from the editor of the ICOS Proceedings (Glasgow, 2014) to include in the proceedings, and with the
consent of the authors, the abstracts from those papers that were presented at the Congress but not submitted for publication.

Preparations for the publication of the 2014 Congress Proceedings are well under way. Proofs were sent to authors in January 2016, with the request that corrections be made promptly, as the editors aim to publish the Proceedings online by the summer of 2016.

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