Tuesday, May 10, 2016

300,000 views & a thank you

I recently hit 300,000 views on my blog, a massive milestone and something I can’t really comprehend! 300,000 times someone has clicked onto my website to read what I have to say about names and onomastics!

I have made great friendships through sharing my experiences on here, and can’t count the number of times I’ve received emails or messages from readers telling me they can relate to certain aspects of my ‘news’ or providing information on onomastic events and reassuring me that onomastic blogging is important.

It's a reason to celebrate!

It’s a great support network and whether you read my blog because you can relate, because you’re just curious about the topics I discuss and events I share, or to just see some photos of the onomatologists we all know and love, I’m grateful for everyone who clicks onto http://www.e-onomastics.blogspot.com and interacts with me.

onomastically yours,

Dr. Evgeny Shokhenmayer