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Acta Onomastica 2016 Volume: LVII Number: 1


Acta Onomastica
Acta Onomastica

Publishing House: Ústav pro jazyk český Akademie věd České republiky
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Frequency: 1 issues
ISSN: 1211-4413
Status: Active
Articles list
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The Typology of Structural and Semantic Peculiarities of Informal Personal Names in the Kazakh, Russian and German Languages
Minor Settlement Name („název místní části“) – a Contribution to the Terminology of Toponomastics
A Toponymy of a Modern Housing Estate – a Case Study of the Fifth District of the Municipal Borough of Ostrava-Poruba
Names as Witnesses of Ethnic-Cultural Contacts on the River Eger/Ohře
Living Personal Names and Naming Models of Single Persons in Paprad
The Questionnaire Survey of Motivation of Confirmation Names from the Parish Veselí nad Moravou at Present (Probe)
Unknown Extinct Villages in the Česká Lípa District
Romanian Car Nicknames
Naming of Mills on the Example of the Mill near Těnovice
Anoikonyms/Minor Place-Names with the Conjunction a (and) – Their Characterization and How to Treat Them in the Lexicographic Processing of Slovak Anoikonyms
Animals and Plants in the Names of Czech Films
The Adjectival-Type Female Surnames in Poland
Between Endonym and Exonym. On the Status of the Names of Transboundary Geographical Features
Košťany – City with a Young Name, but with an Ancient Past
Walter Wenzel: Names and History. Place Names and Personal Names in the German-West Slavic Language Contact Area as Historical Evidence
Walter Wenzel: Atlas of Lower Sorbian Surnames. According to Sources from the 14th to the 18th Centuries
Ivan Lutterer (18. 9. 1929 – 1. 1. 2016) (Funeral Speech in the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Prague on 18. 1. 2016)
The Deep Track of Ivan Lutterer (18. 9. 1929 – 1. 1. 2016)
To Miloslava Knappová to Her Birthday
The 80th Birthday of Marie Nováková: A Select Bibliography for the Years 1960–2016