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Topography and Toponymy in the Ancient Near East: Perspectives and Prospects


The present volume, based on a conference on Ancient Near Eastern historical geography and toponymy held at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) on 27-28 February 2014, brings together 12 contributions by Belgian and international specialists on various aspects of this field of research. They deal with the entire Ancient Near East (Anatolia, Levant, Mesopotamia and Iran). Chronologically, the various contributions in the volume discuss topics situated in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st Millennia BC.
The articles in this volume are arranged geographically, starting with items on Anatolia, followed by studies on Mesopotamian and Levantine topography and finally a third part on ancient Iran and Elam. They will doubtlessly demonstrate the high importance of the study of historical geography and toponymy for our understanding of the history of the Ancient Near East and will also stimulate the research on the historical geography of the ancient Near East.

Table of contents:


Part I – Anatolia
H. Bru, Remarques sur la topographie et la toponymie de la Phrygie
M. Forlanini, La route des « Portes Ciliciennes » et ses embranchements avant l’âge classique
G. Labarre & M. Özsait, Les cités riveraines des lacs pisidiens
(Burdur et Eğirdir)
L. Locatelli, Ariassos et Pergé : deux toponymes anatoliens.
Hypothèses et tentatives d’interprétation

Part II – Mesopotamia and the Levant
A. Goddeeris, Fields of Nippur. Irrigation Districts and Lexicography
in Old Babylonian Nippur
E. Gubel, D’Orthosia à Ard Arṭousi. Notes de toponymie historique
akkariote – IV
M. Luukko, Observations on Neo-Assyrian Practices of Naming
D. Michaux-Colombot, Locating the country Meluḫḫa mentioned
in cuneiform sources and identifying it with that of MḏꜢ from
Egyptian sources

Part III – Elam and Iran
G.P. Basello, Administrative Topography in Comparison: Overlapping
Jurisdiction between the Susa Acropole Tablets and
the Persepolis Fortification Tablets
VI table of contents
K. De Graef, In Susa’s Fields. On the Topography of Fields in
Old Babylonian Administrative Documents from Susa
E. Gorris, Crossing the Elamite Borderlands: A Study of Interregional
Contacts between Elam and ‘Kingdom’ of Hara(n)
A. Tourovets, The Assyrian Itineraries in the Zagros and the Questio
about the Correlation between Toponymy and Geography

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