Monday, April 16, 2018

Preliminary Study of the Most Frequent Russian, French and German Occupational Surnames

My article has been published: or ResearchGate

We have admitted that analysis of the most frequent surnames may be likened to the observation of the „tip of iceberg“, but, however, they may be illustrative and shed light on some specific details. After the establishment of a promising study based on the 100 most frequent Russian, French German and British surnames (SHOKHENMAYER 2016), we turn now to examine the occupational surnames. For our part, we set as a goal to clarify to what extent the professional occupations, or a professionally name-driven motives, are to be similar in Germany, France and Russia. Therefore, the contrastive analysis of the most frequent Russian, French German occupational surnames is reasoned by the singular situation of their onomasticons: for although they have much in common with the rest of neighbouring communities in the essential linguistic system due to their genetic relationship and cultural affinity, their surnames subsist in and have originated within very different historical and social circumstances. The intention here is, first, to compare percentages of occupation-based surname groups from each country, second, to note similarities and differences between them and, third, to discuss results.

one of the pictures:

It has been published in Onomastica Lipsiensia, Band 13: Verlag or GfN

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Dieter Kremer !!!

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