Monday, February 17, 2014

War hero street name plan

War hero street name plan - Blackpool Gazette

  • by David Sharman

The war dead of St Annes could be commemorated by having new streets in the town named in their memory. St Annes Town Council’s planning and environment committee has agreed to recommend the ideas to developers with two major building projects set to take place at the former Pontins site and Queensway in the near future. Coun Tony Ford, who chairs the committee, said: “We’ve got quite a lot of estates being built like the big Queensway memorial.
“We’ve thought about taking the names off the memorial in St Annes of the people who died in the First World War because it fits in certainly with the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of its beginning.
“A lot of the names are traditional St Annes people whose families are still here.”

The idea was discussed at a meeting of the committee on Wednesday at West Lodge, on St George’s Road, and it is hoped housing developers will take the idea on board when the time comes.
Coun Ford added: “We’re just trying to do something that is a bit different and we’d possibly look at putting plaques on the road to say why they’ve been given those names.”
The committee has also discussed the idea of suggesting the names of former Victorian public servants and councillors such as Thomas Bradley, James Maxwell, William J. Porritt and Charles Critchley - who were instrumental in building modern St Annes.
The idea was put forward by author and historian Peter Shakeshaft, who wrote a history of the town.
Mr Shakeshaft said: “You could argue they were the most outstanding of councillors whose names have never been mentioned or commemorated anywhere in the town.
“It would be a way of remembering the people who contributed to the success of the town.