Monday, June 30, 2014

My ideas for Onoma 50 (2015) and 51 (2016)

As the journal of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences, Onoma aims at publishing
high‐quality papers on all aspects of onomastics. Each yearly volume has a section whose
goal is to focus on a particular theme and a non‐themed section whose focus is on
onomastics in general.

The themed section of an issue is edited by one or several guest editors, whose duties include collecting the submitted articles, proposing a pool of qualified peer reviewers to assist the Editorial Board, and writing an introduction to the section. The Editor‐in‐Chief, in turn, will take care of the actual distribution of the submissions to the reviewers and collecting the final articles, as well as editorial duties for the non‐themed section.

Onoma is currently looking for proposals for the themed sections of issues 50 (2015) and 51 (2016). In addition to the theme itself, the proposal should include the names and contact information of the sectionʹs guest editor(s).

I have sent the following proposals:

1. Names and genetics / Genetic onomastics
Guest editor: Prof. Mark A. Jobling, Dr. Franz Manni

2. Surname distribution / Surname mapping / Spatial analysis of names
Guest editors: Dr. James Cheshire, Prof. Paul Longley, Dr. Pablo Mateos 

3. Onomatometry / Applied onomastics
Guest editor: Prof. Paul Videsott, Prof. Gerd Stumme

4. Digital onomastics
Guest editor: Prof. Peder Gammeltoft, Prof. Karina van Dalen-Oskam

5. Fictional onomastics
Guest editor: Prof. Stefan Jurasinski, Prof. Yves Baudelle

6. Names and occupations / Occupational surnames / Names and social mobility
Guest editor: Prof. Gregory Clark, Prof. Damaris Nübling

What do you think of it? What could be successful? Is it actual?

Thanks a lot in advance for your reactions!!!