Saturday, June 28, 2014

Onomastic calendar

Dear visitors,

for lots of months I have fought with the Google Calendar in order to share all possible onomastic events. I must confess that it wasn't successful. Although I made it public, you could see solely the dates and busy/unbusy.

As we have a very tight onomastic schedule of our forthcoming events, I decided to switch to another online calendar, which I could embed onto my blog.

So, today I have a honour to introduce my new onomastic calendar! I rely on the good offices of the Localendar (Free Web Calendar). Click on the tab page named "Calendar".

I hope it'll be useful for you, 
my dear onomasticians and name-centered researchers. 

I remind you: 

It's my pleasure to keep you in touch on everything what happens in onomastics. 
If you have any news, events or important dates to be spread, do not hesitate to contact me: