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Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space

Picture of Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space

Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space

Author(s):Alina Bugheşiu
Subject: Linguistics

Book Description

This book is a linguistic research study of trade names, especially names of firms (in the production and services sector), shops, eating/drinking houses and accommodation locations. It identifies and analyses the onomastic behaviour characteristic of the field of trades in contemporary Romanian public space, in addition to delineating a representative naming pattern for every subcategory of commercial onomastics investigated, according to three coordinates: (1) lexical and grammatical structure, (2) semantics (pointing out different levels of meaning), and (3) language preference.

Methodologically, this book relies on the theoretical configuration provided by onomastics, functional, cognitive and generative grammar, semiotics (in the interpretation of trade names as iconic, indexical and symbolic signs), and pragmatics (observing that trade names underlie speech acts). Moreover, the study also refers to psycholinguistics, underlining the cognitive and affective mechanisms that are involved in the creation and use of trade names. The way in which commercial designations behave in society (especially how they contribute to the characterisation of a community both linguistically and culturally) is analysed using the tools of sociolinguistics. From the same point of view, the current context of trade names is also described, with reference more


Date of Publication:01/06/2015
Pages / Size:265 / A5


Alina Bugheșiu is Research Assistant at the Faculty of Letters in the Department of Philology and Cultural Studies of the North University Centre of Baia Mare, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She completed her doctoral degree in 2013, with a dissertation on “Trade Names in Contemporary Romanian Public Space.” In addition to publishing several studies on this topic and other issues related to onomastics, she also co-edited Onomastics in Contemporary Romanian Public Space (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013) with Professor Oliviu Felecan.